Our IR & Laser optics components manufacturing solutions

SINOPTIX  offers specific optical components, lenses and windows solutions for IR & Laser applications with high infrared transmission and high LIDT. Please browse below details of our available materials and some examples of our realizations.

Available IR materials

On the below table you’ll find optical material references and caracteristics for manufacturing of IR optics.

CALCIUM FLUORIDE (CaF2) 180nm – 8µm No color to light grey. In case of high humidity whites spots may appear. $
SAPPHIRE (Al302) 170nm – 6µm No color, very stiff material $
CHALCOGENIDE GLASS ~1µm – 12µm Very good IR transmission, moldable material. NHG material supplier. $ (big quantities)
MAGNESIUM FLUORIDE (MgF2) 200nm-6µm Glass color, more robust than CaF2. Only available for optical windows. $$
GERMANIUM (Ge) 2-15µm non visible transparent grey with light metal reflects, good for Far Infrared $$
ZINC SELENIDE (ZnSe) 600nm – 20µm yellow partially visible transparent, used in CO2 laser applications $$$
ZINC SULFIDE (ZnS) 400nm – 12µm soft material, used for multispectral applications $$$
BARIUM FLUORIDE (BaF2) 190nm-10µm visible transparent yellow, good UV transmission $$$$
SILICON (Si) 1-10µm non-transparent in the visible, metallic color, IR transmission only $$$$$

IR optics and Laser optics references :

IR & Laser optics particularities

Components for IR & Laser applications are specific as they are working usually in the non visible range, which means with specific material and surface treatments.

Quality control is also adapted to related requests : specific wavelength testing and damage threshold measurement / guaranty.

How to buy IR & Laser optical components ?

In order to get the requested quality and the best quotation it is important to provide detailed specifications, provide technical drawing and confirm needed quantities.

With all these information, SINOPTIX will be able to quickly provide you with a very competitive quote.