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Competitive optical components - quality guarantee by Sinoptix with worldwide shipment


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Optical windows from unit to big series.


round optical windows
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High precision optical prisms. Wide range of optical coatings available.


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High reflection custom optical mirrors


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Custom glass and quartz tubes from units to big quantities


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From complex shapes to very unique materials,
Sinoptix offer a wide range for technical glass processing.


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Mounted lenses for imaging application.
Browse among our opto-mechanical project or ask us for a quote.
We'll reply in no time !


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Wide range of coating and filter capabilities for all purposes.
Most of shape covered. Ask us for details !


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Germanium, Silicon, Zinc Selenide, Zinc Sulfide.
Calcium Fluoride, Magnesium Fluoride & Barium Fluoride.


Optical components manufacturing with custom solutions at a competitive price

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Optical Components manufacturing solutions

Following your specifications, Sinoptix organizes the manufacturing, quality control, and worldwide delivery of your optical components. In other words, for complex lenses or optical assemblies, from plastic injection PMMA collimators to germanium windows or complex prisms we provide the parts that you need.

Technical Glass manufacturing

Following your request, Sinoptix organizes the manufacturing, quality control, and worldwide delivery of your glass components. For example, from simple glass tubes to complex glass-blown shapes, ornamental items, and unique custom designs from a broad range of materials, we are the ideal partner for your needs.

«Sinoptix is specialized in providing Optics & Technical glass components made out of the best facilities in China, ensuring quality compliance before worldwide shipment.»

Our expertise in optical & technical glass parts manufacturing

Our technical team have the solution for your Optics & Glass projects. As a “global supplier” we organize the manufacturing, the control and worldwide shipment.
Sinoptix is the partner you need to ensure high-quality glass standards while guaranteeing low pricing.

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«The safest way to purchase your optical and glass component»


years of expertise

Sinoptix has been actively operating in China, successfully ensuring that many companies worldwide benefits from the best of Chinese manufacturing. Technicians, engineers, and our support ensure project completion in respect to your lead times, costs, and requirements.


% quality check

Sinoptix ensures that your specifications and quality standards are met and maintained. Sinoptix eliminates quality issues that could otherwise wipe out all the savings previously obtained. Optics and glass parts need specific attention, so trust specialists only. Browse our showroom to see some of our projects for clients worldwide.


Step solution

We deliver a broad range of optical components like : lenses, prisms, optical windows, filters, glass tubes, etc.. These optics can be manufactured from a complete choice of raw material :BK7, CaF2, CDGM glass, borosilicate, quartz, germanium, silicon, etc.. Moreover we offer impressive surface treatment possibilities (AR, hard carbon, band pass, dichroic, etc.). Whether it’s manufacturing of small quantities or extensive quantities, Sinoptix can offer a global, economic solution for your needs.


I highly appreciate your expertise in glass manufacturing (with reference to my recent order of stepped glass and flat glass windows, which where perfectly manufactured to specification) and sapphire glass manufacturing as well, considering the parallelism requirements of the homogenizing_rod piece and custom geometries.

We well received the glass parts and we are plainly satisfied of the result, the shape, the screwing, the general quality, this is totally matching our application and we are going to use this solution.

We have well received the extra-white glass order, it is perfect ! From what I have seen of the quality of the glass parts it is exactly corresponding to the quality we were expecting.

We have well received the lenses and have controlled them, we are very satisfied of the quality received and consider SINOPTIX as our official supplier for these parts.

very happy – next project Larger lens

I wanted to say thank you very much for your excellent work with our 75 mm glass lens.

We are really happy, there are almost 0 failures in the batch, something like 0.6% 👍🏻👍🏻

I am very happy with the quality of the TPX windows that I ordered last year and I would like to purchase some more.

Our latest custom made optical parts

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