Customer references

As a happy customer speaks more about our quality than tons of marketing contents, we provide here comments openly published on the web about parts we delivered and that has been used by our customers.

Numerous NDA have been signed and SINOPTIX 100% conforms to it, so we only refer here to openly accessible information on customers and projets.

Table of customer references

SINOPTIX components users feedback
CustomerCountryComponent deliveredProject detailLink
NTUT – Norwegian University of Science and TechnologyNorwayZnS – Zinc sulfide prismOptical fiber coupling of quantum cascade laser for Attenuated Total Reflection Measurements Towards Biomedical Applications.National Library of Medicine article.
Nicolas LefaudeuxFranceD50mm, H-ZF13 wedge window & Double lens (H-K10 + H-FK61) for custom ADC (Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector)HDR astrophotography of a solar eclipse. HDR photography Website
Space Laser AwarnessUSAJGS1 (Fused Silica), D296mm, Lambda/4 polishing, 7° angle wedge prismLaser astronomySpace Laser awareness website
Victoria University of Wellington New ZealandBF33 Schott
60°, 20/10 scratch/dig prisms
Ultrasmooth thin film and
nano-scale structure
fabrication to extend the
bounds of optical microscopy
Download thesis PDF
Observatoire de ParisFranceH-ZF52,1.5mm optical prism with concave lens on one surface. Fiber links for the WEAVE instrumentSPIE digital library on Oxford University Research Archive
Space Laser AwarnessUSACDGM F4, Lamdba /4, wedge prism Laser communication with Proxima and Alpha Centauri using the solar gravitational lensOxford academic : Monthly notice of the Royal Astronomical Society
NTUTNorway24x6x2.4mm ZnS prismMid-Infrared Tuneable Laser
Spectroscopy for Glucose Sensing
NTUT link to Doctoral Thesis PDF

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