Our filters & optical coatings solutions

If you need to trim your transmission wavelenghts or polarization, increase of reduce the reflection of your optics we have the right solution for you.

  • Optical filters are usually used to reduce the amount of light either in a quantitative or qualitative way. They can either be made of colored glass of by multi-layer optical coatings.
  • Multi-layer optical coatings can also be used to increase transmission (by reducing reflection) or for high reflection coatings.
  • Coatings may also impact non optical properties :
    • Hardness : DLC (Diamond like coatings)
    • Shielding from electro-magnetic fields : ITO or other metalization
    • Reflective coatings (Gold, Silver or protected alumunium mirror coating)

SINOPTIX can propose coated parts on roughly every kind of material and shape.

ANTI-REFLECT (AR) improve transmission T up to 95%
MIRROR Signal reflection Ar, Au, Al, Mg coating
BANDPASS FILTERS control a narrow, well defined spectral wavelength width: 10nm
BANDSTOP FILTERS / NOTCH FILERS reject light of a specified wavelength range up to OD6 in the reject area
SHORTPASS & LONGPASS FILTERS let the signal pass after or before a specific spectral value and stop the remaining cut-on/off slope 3 to 5%
ND FILTERS (NEUTRAL DENSITY) Attenuate an optical signal up to OD 8 (T=10^-8)
DICHROIC FILTER Split the signal in different wavelenghts Trichroic are also available
METALLIZATION COATING, ITO (INDIUM TIN OXYDE) Conductive channels (heat / electricity) & welding supports metal mask tolerances +/- 0,1mm
ANTI-SLUDGE COATING Protect against dirt deposition
WATER REPELLENT COATING Avoid water deposition
DLC (DIAMOND LIKE CARBON) Hardening for anti-scratch

Colored glass filters are material colored filter (in opposition with coated filters). They are cheaper and more resistant than coated filters, but their optical properties are less precise and hardly customized.

SINOPTIX proposes a wide range of colored glass filters of most famous brands (SCHOTT/ OHARA / CORNING) or their Chinese equivalents.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.

Our realisations

SINOPTIX offers wide solutions of optical filters &. Please browse below for some examples of our realizations.

We provide only finished optical components and no coating services on its own.

How to order to Sinoptix your optical filters :

  1. Provide us with your expected specifications and requested filter quantities
  2. We come back to you with a quote including technical proposition (simulated transmission curve for example)
  3. You send us an order by email
  4. Payment and reception of your filters at your place