SINOPTIX  offers wafers that comes in different thickness, shape and materials.


Available wafers


We offer metalloid wafers made of Silicon (Si) or Germanium (Ge), and also from different materials like Sapphire (Al203), Fused Silica (SiO2) and Diamond (C).


They can be cut in round discs or diced in squared or rectangular shapes.  Disc dimensions are usually between 1″ (25.4mm) and 12″ (304.8mm), with thickness of less than 1mm, but each material has its own limitations.

Notch standard cut is usually applied on the wafers to help identify crystallographic orientation and handling of the wafers.


Different coatings can be applied on one or two surfaces of the wafers, contact us for specifics.

Moreover we can handle the laser marking of the wafers for easier identifications.


Wafers are delivered clean in a vacuum sealed package. The package can include an individual wafer or a rack of several wafers.

Wafers references :

How wafers are manufactured ?

Wafers are usually cut from a material ingot. Ingots are manufactured by cristal growing (mostly CZ & FZ), that can ensure a constant crystallographic orientation and high purity.

The ingots are then cut in preforms that are themselves fine sliced into think wafers.

The next manufacturing stage is polishing, it can be single face or double face polishing according to the requirements.

Then the parts are cleaned in ultrasonic bathes and packaged.

stacked wafers

How to buy Wafers ?

In order to get the requested quality and the best quotation it is important to provide detailed specifications  and confirm needed quantities. It should include material name, grade and type, crystal orientation, dimension and thickness of the wafers, coating and marking if any, packaging if any specifics.

With all these information, SINOPTIX will be able to quickly provide you with a very competitive quote.