Our UV optics manufacturing solutions

Optics working in the ultraviolet range applications need to be even more precise as the short wavelenght of the signal is more sensible to imperfections. Sinoptix is experienced with UV optics components, many of our customers working with the UV-A, UV-B or UV-C lighting for sterilisation. Please browse below some of our realisations and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or quote of your UV optical components.

UV wavelengths are defined as between visible and X-ray ranges. The Ultraviolet spectral range spreads from 10nm to 380nm, and is usually divided between near UV (200 to 380nm) and far UV (10 to 200nm). UV light is also currently referred as :

  • UVA : 320-380nm
  • UVB : 280-320nm
  • UVC : 100-280nm, at this wavelength the light is germicide and can be used to disinfect water or sterilizing surfaces,

UV beams are used for many applications including Biomedical, Microscopy (Fluorescence), Spectroscopy and security industries. However, ultraviolet is highly absorbed by most of the materials, letting few choices for the components substrates to be used in UV optical systems. Please find below detail of the available materials offered by SINOPTIX

On the below table you’ll find optical material references and characteristics for manufacturing of UV optics. They can be used to manufacture most optical components: UV lenses, UV prisms, UV windows.

FUSED SILICA UV GRADE (JGS1) 170nm – 2,1µm No color, fully transparent in the visible $
CALCIUM FLUORIDE (CAF2) 180nm – 8µm No color to light grey $$
SAPPHIRE 250nm-5µm Clear transparent, ultra resistant $$
MAGNESIUM FLUORIDE (MGF2) 200nm-6µm Glass color, more robust than CaF2 $$$

Below is the different steps to get your ultraviolet optics :

  1. Key point is the range of the UV (UV-A, UV-B or UV-C) your optics will be used in, which will lead to the selection of the corresponding material.
  2. Other specifications, like dimensions, coatings and quantities need to be provided too.
  3. After sending all these information you’ll quickly receive a quotation for Sinoptix.
  4. Order by email your components
  5. Pay and receive the components to you place