Our optical prism manufacturing solutions

SINOPTIX is your solution for manufacturing of high quality – low price optical prism.  We provide custom glass prism and also prisms manufactured in other optical materials including optical plastic and infrared materials.  Review details below for prism manufacturing polishing and tolerance capabilities.

DIMENSIONS From 0,3mm to 500mm
TRANSMISSION High transmission from UV to far infrared
SCRATCH & DIG 20 -10
COATING Anti-reflect. or reflective coatings.

Prisms usage can be divided into three main categories of optical components:

– Reflector prisms (based on total reflection inside the prism or coatings)
– Dispersion prisms (dispersion of the spectral colors)
– Splitter prisms (Beam splitters, dichroic prism)

SINOPTIX can provide almost all kind of prisms according to customer requirements:

– Right angle prism, retroreflector prism, anamorphic prism, pentaprism, dove prism, roof prism, coupling prism, wedge prism, pellin-broca prism, abbe prism, triangular prism, porro prism
– All kind of raw materials : optical glass, borosilicate, quartz / fused silica, IR material, plastic prism
– Prisms can be delivered raw or with coating (broadband AR, specific wavelength AR, mirror coating : Aluminium / Gold, Silver..

The process is straightforward :

  1. send us your technical drawings or specifications
  2. specify the quantity you need to be quoted
  3. Receive a quick quote of your prisms from Sinoptix
  4. Send us an official order by email
  5. Pay and receive your optical prism on your site.