Micro-optics : optics in miniature

For many photonics applications smaller is better, it helps reducing parts volume and weight and therefore helps photonics devices to be easily embedded.

micro optics

What are micro-optics ?

Micro-optics are optical components with dimensions not bigger than few millimeters. Bellow are some of the most common micro-optics, most of them available for order with SINOPTIX :

References of some of our micro-optics projects :


As micro-optics are much smaller than normal optics they are more difficult to manufacture. They can be manufactured by machining or molding / injection.

In SINOPTIX the smallest micro-optics we can provide are around 0.3mm (300µm), the best surface irregularity can reach lambda/10.

Optical surfaces can be flat, concave or convex and spherical or aspherical (by molding).

Where do we find micro-optics ?

Main usages are :

  • Endoscopy
  • Optical fiber coupling
  • lasers
  • sensors
  • Mobile phones

How to buy micro-optics ?

In order to get the requested quality and the best quotation it is important to provide detailed specifications, provide technical drawing and confirm needed quantities.

With all these information, SINOPTIX will be able to quickly provide you with a very competitive quote.