Our opto-mechanical parts manufacturing solutions

SINOPTIX on top of its optical component offer, also provides affordable solutions for objectives and opto-mechanical components & sub-assemblies. Machining of metal and plastic parts for optical assemblies is critial in a photonic system.  It is known that design and tolerancing have important impact on centering and may create stray light interferences. Mat coatings either applied by anodisation on aluminium or by painting, vernishing or even blackening on brass and other materials are also critical to the final quality of the assembled optical system.

For the assembly of opto-mechanical parts, we provide solutions in clean rooms with precise manual assembly and on-line quality control. One-stop solution for on demand  assembly of opto-mlechanical parts.

SINOPTIX can propose the complete industrialization of your custom objectives, providing :

  • optics
  • mechanical components
  • assembly
  • quality control of the finish objective

We can also provide cost cutting solutions for on-shelves objectives :

  • Camera objectives
  • Scanner objectives
  • Small size objectives (laptop, mobile..)
  • Fish eye lenses
  • Wide angle objectives

SINOPTIX in cooperation with AGC BUSINESS CONSULTING is you ideal partner for optomechanical parts, we can provide wide range of custom made machining components:

  • Black anodized aluminium
  • Stainless steel
  • Brass turning
  • Plastic injection (for big quantities)

Moreover SINOPTIX can provide assemblies of these mechanical parts with optic components to deliver you semi-finished assemblies. Don’t hesitate to send us your requests.

Note: Many projects are not presented below for confidentiality reasons.