Our optical lens manufacturing solutions

Custom lens solutions for photonics applications, from sub-milimeter mirco-lens for fiber optics to 500mm diameter astronomy lenses, we provide the lens of your design.

Our offer ranges from manually polished unique lens prototype to high quantities molded lenses.

All the optical lenses that we provide can be treated with a specific anti-reflect treatment or other thin layers coatings.

Lens manufacturing capabilities

Spherical lenses

Spherical lenses can be manufactured per different processes:

  • Molded and polished (for big quantities)
  • Mechanical grinding and polishing
  • NC grinding and polishing (high surface request lenses)

Different shape can be provided:


SINOPTIX offers most of the optical glass available on the market:

– B270
– N-KB7 / HK9L
– SCHOTT / CDGM / CORNING / OHARA optical glasses
– Fused Silica (JGS1 / JGS2 / JGS3)
– Borosilicate
– Zerodur®
– IR materials : Ge / Si / CaF2 / MgF2 / BaF2 / ZnSe / ZnS

Lens quality depends on their size, material and complexity. Below some specifications that can be achieved just for references:

<td>up to Diam 350mm</td>
<td>high transmission from UV to far infrared</td>
<th>SCRATCH <span class=”special_amp”>&amp;</span> DIG</th>
<td>up to +/- 0,01mm</td>
<td>90 to 95%</td>
<td>better than 3 arcmin</td>
<td>Custom coatings available on request</td>

Lens quality control:

To ensure the quality of our lens before expedition a 100% inspection is made by SINOPTIX own QC. Control may include:

  •  Aspect (scratch & dig)
  • Dimensions
  • Radius of curvature
  • Surface quality (interferometer)
  • Transmission
  • Focal length measurement
  • Sag (profilometer)

What is the price of a spherical lens ?

All the optical lens provided by SINOPTIX are manufactured in China, making them very competitive.

According to your quality resquest, material and quantities we focus on the most competitive manufacturing solution to provide you the best lens quote.

Delivery to my place

SINOPTIX is a global player and we are working with customers in more that 30 countries and counting. Shipment of your optical component is organised by express from China with delivery directly to your location wherever it is, we take charge of the logistics.