Our optical window manufacturing solutions

SINOPTIXoptical component specialist, offers the best high quality & low price ratio optical windows. Our windows are polished up to the highest standards for low rougthness, high parallelism and good optical aspect. Custom surface treatments are possible, on top of AR treatements we can propose optical windows with metalization treatments like ITO, or hardning treatments as DLC for IR materials.

SIZE up to 500mm from 0,5mm up to 1,5m
TRANSMISSION Visible range UV to far infrared
SCRATCH & DIG 20-10 10 -5
SURFACE IRREGULARITY λ/10 λ/20; λ/100 may be achieved with IBF (Ion Beam Figuring)
DIMENSIONAL TOLERANCE +/- 0,1mm +/- 0,05mm
PARALLELISM ≤ 5 arcsec ≤ 1 arcsec
COATING AR Custom filtering, mirror, masks, ITO coatings
MATERIAL B270, N-BK7, HK9L, fused silica Si, Ge, ZnSe, other optical materials

Principal usage of optical windows are :

  • Mechanical protection of optical devices (minimizing optical deformation of optical signal)
  • Interface for touch-screens
  • EDM protection of equiment while keeping good transmission
  • Support for masks, markings and filtering
  • Supports for opto-electric components

SINOPTIX can provide almost all kind of optical windows :

– Flat of with angle (wedges)
– Round windows, square windows, ellipse windows, ring windows & specific shapes
– Bended windows (float)
Plastic injection optical windows

Pricing of an optical window is based on four main factors :

  •  Raw material, borosilicate window like a B270 window will be much cheaper that an IR window like germanium window.
  • Quantities, usually polishing is done on big equipements that can handle simultaneously several parts in one batch, the more we arrange together the lower the cost.
  • Polishing quality, the more the surface aspect request is high the highest the cost, the cost increase relation is closer to exponential than linear.
  • Coating cost can also impact a lot the price of an optical window, especially if the optical coating is custom made for few parts only.