diamond wafer

Diamond wafers

High quality MPCVD grown diamond wafers

Material : synthetic diamond crystal (monocrystal and polycrystal available)

Process : cutting and one face polishing

Thickness : 200µm to 1mm

Shape : round with a flat cut. Can be custom diced into 3mm, 5mm or 10mm squares.

Surface quality : Ra better than 1 nm

Flatness : lambda

TTV :  less than 1 µm for diam one inch

Bow :  less than 1 µm for diam one inch

Thermal conductivity :  1 to 2.2 KW/(m.K)

Hardness : MOHS 10

Density : 3.322 g/cm3

Available coatings : Au, Cu

Packaging : individual or stacking vacuum bag

Usage : high power / frequency / temperature electronics