glass working


Sinoptix provides custom made glass parts. We are providing different kind of glass tubes and glass rods, but also glass machining parts or glass molding. The glass material we are able to supply are from basic floatglass to borosilicate, quartz and sapphire. From prototype to mass quantities we have the solution for each kind of glassworking part. Manufacturing of the glass components is made in China and we deliver to your worldwide facilities.

Custom glass working


Glass molding

Glass blowing

Glass pressing

Glass machining

Glass extrusion tubes

Glass welding

Sinoptix provides standard and custom glass shapes and manufacturing solutions for a broad range of applications compliant with customer requirements. Sinoptix allows customers to acquire the required parts quickly, efficiently, and from the same trusted partner in China.

borosilicate glass with colors


Borosilicate (Pyrex, Schott)

Silica Glass (SiO2)


Float glass

Silicon (Si)


Colored glass

A broad range of materials provides you with the best-suited choices for your glass requirements. Material certifications ensure that all materials and their Chinese equivalents meet the required standards for successful usage in their required field of application.


Glass Polishing


Glass Burning


Glass Silvering

noptix provides a wide range of glass coating for individual applications.
Whether the product is for display or to be used in an intense environment, Sinoptix provide a range of glass coatings that can meet most requests.
For specific coating requests, contact us directly.